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The Most Advanced, Complete and Easy-to-Use Technology for the Entire Real Estate, Mortgage, Settlement and Title Markets!

About RelaxExpress


Our Patented “One-Stop Internet Home Shopping” Technology

Our patented technology is a single, highly automated computer technology for the real estate, mortgage, title and settlement markets. 

This technology can significantly improve customer experience, reduce operating costs, and increase business while protecting and strengthening the market position of industry participants. 


Buying and Selling a Home is Stressful

Buying and selling a home is proven to be one of the most stressful events in life.  A British study has shown it can be literally more stressful than having a baby. 


RelaxExpress is So Easy a Child Can Do it.

 We have made the home sale and buying process so easy, a 5-year-old  can do it.  We mean it!  


That's Why we Call it RelaxExpress!

We take the work and worry out of the entire home buying and selling process.  So buyers, sellers and everyone else involved...can relax!


Licensing and Partnering Opportunities

Licensing or partnering opportunities are available for those interested in gaining a dominant strategic position in the real estate, mortgage, settlement and title insurance markets.    


Request a Demonstration

For a demonstration of our patented technology  please contact us at: Please mark email subject line: “Demonstration Request” and include your contact information.  

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